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Human Reunion Ceremonies (Sevilla, Spain)
The Boudica Series (NYC)
Saint Nectan's Glen
Taos, My Home (Photo Credit: Lenny Foster)

Woman Stands Shining (Pat McCabe)

For Thriving Life, Light and Love

Pat McCabe (Weyakpa Najin Win, Woman Stands Shining) is a Diné (Navajo) mother, grandmother, activist, artist, writer, ceremonial leader, and international speaker. She is a voice for global peace, and her paintings are created as tools for individual, earth and global healing. She draws upon the Indigenous sciences of Thriving Life to reframe questions about sustainability and balance, and she is devoted to supporting the next generations, Women’s Nation and Men’s Nation, in being functional members of the “Hoop of Life” and upholding the honor of being human.

Her primary work at the moment is:

• The reconciliation between the masculine and feminine, Men's Nation and Women's Nation

• Remembering, recreating or creating anew a narrative for the Sacred Masculine

• Addressing the Archetypal Wounding that occurred in our misunderstanding and abuse of technology in prayer, ceremony and science

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